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The Story of SheBloom

People often ask me how I came about developing my own business. The seed was planted when I was little girl watching my dad grow his own concrete paving and contracting company.

I was always so filled with excitement seeing him tear things apart, and then magically build it back to life. His office was in our house and I would often practice typing on his typewriter and organize his papers for him. He was savvy, determined and resourceful. My best teacher.

In my twenties, I graduated college and became a retail and clothing reporter. For many years, I wrote about savvy entrepreneurs who grabbed onto something they loved. And then grew it into a thriving business. It thrilled me.

I took my many dad's lessons, and all I learned as a journalist, and combined them with my love of design right after my kids were born. I wanted to stay home to raise them. So I put my hands to work and designed fancy flower vintage-inspired hats for my little girl. Eventually, I started selling them to a local store and things bloomed from there.

SheBloom is now a full line of fanciful clothing and accessories made f0r newborns up to 10 years old. The brand is sold in online stores and upscale children's boutiques across the country, including Texas, Alabama, Missouri, California, New York, Florida, New Jersey, Georgia, Chicago and more.

I still design and dream it from our home in California, with my hubby helping me with the tech side. I love patterns and details. I love hunting for vintage prints and touching everything that comes your beautiful way. Each piece is a little work of art with frilly lace, soft comfortable fabrics, beautiful colors, hand-made fabric flowers and fancy gems.

I want the line to inspire. And the name: SheBloom. It came to me easily thinking of my favorites, my daughter and flowers, and all the natural beauty they represent.

I hope the sweet girls wearing our clothes have fun, are confidant and "bloom" as they grow. After all, they are life's most radiant flowers.

Twirl. Dream. Everyday.

Jennifer Zerrer, owner and mother to three sweet bloomers